Products And Services


Oaklawn began offering monument sales in 1987. Since that time many lot owners have helped perpetuate the cemetery by purchasing their monument through Oaklawn. Oaklawn’s sales staff is trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of granite, lettering and design. Concrete foundations, installed at the grave site for the placement of the monument are installed by Oaklawn personnel only. Call Oaklawn Cemetery at 260-982-2484 for appointment. Monument sales are not limited to Oaklawn. We have helped clients place monuments in other area cemeteries as well.


Burial spaces-

Spaces for the burial of humans are offered throughout the cemetery. Spaces must be fully paid before a burial can take place.



Oaklawn offers the right of burial of humans, including cremated remains, to registered lot owners. The grave is prepared so as to accommodate the service times of the family. Funeral processions are directed into the cemetery and ample parking is made available as space permits.


Burial Vaults-

Oaklawn Cemetery offers burial vaults for cremation burial.


Pressure Washing monuments & foundations

Monuments can become soiled through the years. Oaklawn offers the pressure washing of a monument and the concrete foundation.


Final or additional Inscriptions-

Oaklawn Cemetery can assist a family in engraving final death date on a monument. Also, we can help add additional lettering or design to an existing monument.