The selection of a family monument involves several things…


Take some time to visit a cemetery. Look at the different shapes, sizes and colors. Notice the style in which monuments are lettered and how the names are centered. Ask yourself how a particular monument appeals to you. Do you like the way it looks? Is the lettering distinct and crisp? Does the size seem appropriate to accommodate what you envision being engraved on it?
Now you have some direction.


Bring your thoughts and questions to a monument specialist at Oaklawn Cemetery. We listen to observations while helping you with suggestions that will create the memorial you have in mind. Together we design a monument that reflects your personal taste. We produce a computerized image of the monument you describe and can create different image options for you to consider.

Do Not Compromise-

Through the years we have watched high-pressure monument sales people come and go. Many fail to realize that helping people design a monument is a commitment, not a fly-by-night scheme. Oaklawn Cemetery has stood the test of time. Serving clients for nearly 30 years with monuments, and preserving North Manchester’s memories since 1878 proves we will be here tomorrow.

In Conclusion…

If you are visiting Oaklawn Cemetery, chances are you are looking at monuments that Oaklawn lot owners have purchased through their cemetery association. Since 1986, when Oaklawn first began to offer monuments, 91% of the markers and monuments installed have been purchased through Oaklawn. To the lot owners that chose to support the maintenance programs of their cemetery association- thank you.

Receiving the benefit of an experienced Oaklawn monument specialist is not limited to just our lot owners. We have helped families provide memorials to their loved ones in nearly every local cemetery, including Fairview, Pleasant Hill, Laketon, Ulrey, Silver Lake, Roann and others.

Appointments are encouraged, but not always necessary. Even if the staff is performing other tasks, they can usually take time to speak with you.

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