Cremation Garden

The rise in Cremation rate has become evident that changes need to take place for the future of Oaklawn Cemetery.  These changes would provide a pleasant and peaceful above ground burial for cremated remains.  After much research, it has been decided that these changes would require a new addition to Oaklawn Cemetery that would provide this type of burial for families loved ones.


October of 2016, the staff and board of directors at Oaklawn Cemetery met to discuss this new addition.  A possible idea to create a cremation garden was presented to the board that would possibly be placed in the new section on east side of Beckley Street next to Peabody retirement community.  This new idea would add a new appearance to that section and provide a pleasant area for above ground cremation burials.


The idea presented would include a landscaped area with walkways, running water, and lights.  Inside of the garden will be plotted off areas for cremation benches, columbariums, boulders, pedestals, and memorial monuments.  These items would be placed along the walkways and water fountains so that families could walk around the garden to remember family and friends in a peaceful and pleasant environment.


The presented idea can be seen in the images below.  The images show how the new garden could possibly be constructed and where it could possibly be constructed at.  The satellite image shows where this new garden could be landscaped and plotted out.  The other three images show how it could look in the future with the possibility of surrounding the section with arborvitaes and additional driveways.


The staff and board of directors believes this is best for the future in order to provide better options for cremation burials and also add a new layout and design that would help the appearance of that section and add a more private surround by adding the arborvitaes.  The idea is merely a presented idea and is awaiting final decision.


In the process of making any further decisions, the board of Oaklawn Cemetery would like public input into this idea.  We would appreciate any ideas that would help in the decision making of the new cremation garden and redesign of the section.


Help us by using the comment area at the bottom of this page or use the contact to reach us by e-mail.  We would like to know if the garden would be a good for your future needs with cremations and are open to other ideas for designing the area.  We are open to other ideas and would like to answer any questions that you might have regarding the garden.  Donations would also be appreciated to help cover the cost to create the new section and cremation garden.

Cremation Garden