Questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Question – Why is it important to make cemetery arrangements in advance?

Answer –  Making cemetery arrangements in advance prevents your family and loved ones from making decisions at an already difficult time in their lives.

Question What does it cost to discuss cemetery arrangements in advance?

Answer –  There is no charge to meet with representative from Oaklawn Cemetery and share with them your wishes.

Question Can I have services with cremation?

Answer –  Almost all cremations have a service associated with them. They range from traditional visitation, funeral and burial at the cemetery, to a private memorial service. Memorial services can be held anywhere a family finds fitting to celebrate the life that was lived.

Question – Can I put the cemetery wishes in my will?

Answer –  Cemetery arrangements are not usually put in a will because a will is not read until after the funeral. A will is set up to disperse personal property and effects days, sometimes weeks after the funeral.

Question – How much does a monument cost?

Answer –  The cost of a monument varies greatly upon the granite, size, and if there is custom design work. The best way to explore monuments costs is to sit down with a representative from Oaklawn Cemetery and get a detailed pricequote.  (See spring monument price specials) 

Question – How old should I be before selecting cemetery spaces in advance?

Answer –  There is no age requirement in selecting cemetery spaces in advance. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Question – Why is a vault important?

Answer –  There is no state law or regulation that an outer burial container is required, it is a cemetery requirement. The purpose of an outer burial container is to encase the casket and the cremations in order to support the weight of the earth and eliminate constant settling. A burial vault is an outer burial container that can also seal out the elements.

Question – Can I arrange for a monument without placing it in the cemetery?

Answer –  Yes, making decisions about a cemetery monument in advance of need also relieves your family of the burden of selection. You need not prepay or have it placed in the cemetery. Simply provide instructions for your survivors.

Question -Is my monument insured?

Answer –  Many homeowners insurance cover monuments. Talk with your insurance agent about your policy. Oaklawn Cemetery is not liable for damage due to vandalism or acts of God.

Question Do I have to pay everything at once when I prearrange my funeral?

Answer –  Payment plans are available for those that qualify. If death occurs before the space is fully paid, the balance must be paid before burial can take place. Once spaces are fully paid, a deed is issued. Opening and closing costs cannot be prepaid to Oaklawn. Those costs are paid at the time of need or can be included with many funeral plans at most funeral homes.


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